Latest Technology - 808nm Medical Grade Painless Diode Laser


Depilight Diode Laser Hair Removal

Like chalky sunscreen and limited foundation shades, hair removal lasers didn’t used to work well for women with medium to dark skin. But thanks to the growing awareness around inclusivity, along with advances in technology, those of us who were told for years that laser hair removal was a no-go due to our skin tone are now finally able to get the treatment.

For women of colour, laser hair removal has been a gamble: devices weren't sophisticated enough to completely distinguish between the pigment in the skin and the hair, meaning that they could potentially cause dark and light spots, blisters, and even scarring, in the skin surrounding the follicle, But now there is a smarter laser that can be used in a much more precise—and safe—way, making getting rid of unwanted fuzz a reality for a wider range of skin tones. 

At Beyond Skin we now have the Diode Laser which is completely pain free to the point clients say they do not even feel it and wonder if the treatment has even started when it has finished. This is because the technology uses a cooling system which immediately freezes the treated area not allowing one to experience the sensations usual to laser hair removal.

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